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I have not received e-mail from Egosoft. I am an AOL user.

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By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 24/04/12 18:20

AOL has a mail filter system for all its users, however you could accidentally set an option that blocks any e-mail from Egosoft such as your registration confirmation for the forums, or even the X-Universe Newsletter.

These options are mainly for the users of AOL 9.0. To receive mail from AOL you must ensure that two different sets of options will allow it.

To get to the mail options press “Read” in the top left of the AOL screen to take you to the AOL mail window. Then press “e-mail options” in the top right of the mail window.
This will create a drop down box, scroll to “Block Unwanted E-Mail”, this will open the Email and Spam Controls.

To receive all e-mails:
On the left side, Control Who I Get Email From, ensure that you have either set allow e-mail from all senders OR allow e-mail from people I know.
If you select the second option above; then please ensure that you include our e-mail address in your address book.
They are;
  • info@egosoft.com

  • To receive the newsletter:
    Firstly if you do not wish to receive the newsletter, please ensure that the option to receive is set to NO in your forum profile.

    However if you do, the second set of email options to the right of the spam control window will help you ensure it does not end up in the spam box of AOL.
    Please make sure that the option “email with clickable hyperlinks” is NOT ticked.
    It may also be that some words are used on the newsletter that are on your “custom word list” for the second option, which is “email containing words on my custom word list”.
    To make sure that the newsletter comes to you it is probably best to make sure that both options are not selected.

    If you have any problems AFTER reading this please contact a website administrator.

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