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X4: Foundations
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Many years have passed since Kyle Brennan left Earth in the X-Shuttle. The story however continues with Julian Gardna, the child who ran away from home has now grown up, but in an attempt to steal a ship, was arrested and sent to be rehabilitated. Unbeknown to him, his past holds many secrets and his future even more.
A new threat has entered the known universe, a race who have devastated one sector, and have the power to continue their reign of destruction, a race called the Khaak.


X²: The Threat is of a new generation of space simulator games, you play the role of Julian Gardna who continues the story set by X: Beyond The Frontier. The updated graphics engine gives the universe a fresher feel with newly designed ships and stations adding to the complexity of the universe.

You can explore over 130 beautifully designed sectors occupied by nebulas that affect your ships and stations, asteroids you can mine for materials you can later sell on for profit.

New Ships
Explore in over 60 ships of varying sizes from scout class ships to the much larger carrier class battleships.

ScreenshotsNew Upgrades
Upgrade your ships systems with many more upgrades, and download new upgrades that make use of the new scripting engine designed specially for X².

New Weapons
Add new weapons to your ship including the Ion Disruptor and Mass Driver, but also build factories that will develop these weapons and sell them to make a profit, expanding your own empire among the universe.

New Missions
Take part in missions offered to you on each stations bulletin board, make money by defending convoys and destroy incoming Xenon fleets intent on destroying everything in their path.
But above all else, help to defend the universe from the Khaak, before they kill everyone and everything they come across.

"X²'s massive, living, breathing galaxy is an explorers dream."
PC Gamer February 2004 - 87% for X2

The sheer size of the universe and the astounding number of ships to fly, solar systems to visit and commodities to buy blew me away."
Adrenaline Vault October 2003

...The universe has never looked so beautiful..."
Computer and Videogames.com

ESRB Rating: Teen - Drug Reference, Mild Violence

Drug Reference
Mild Violence


12.Sep.23 X3: Reunion участвует в мероприятии, посвященном 20-летию Steam
Компания Steam отмечает свое грандиозное 20-летие специальной акцией, которая стартует сегодня. Чтобы отдать дань уважения своей богатой истории и игрокам, которые пользовались платформой, Steam создал специальную страницу. На ней посетители совершат ностальгическое путешествие по двум десятилетиям существования платформы, с рассказами об играх, которые из года в год покоряют аудиторию. Среди этих запоминающихся игр - наша собственная X3: Reunion, одна из самых продаваемых игр на Steam в 2006 году....

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08.Sep.23 Выпущено значительное обновление X4 Modding Tools
После того как в апреле 2023 года мы запустили наши инструменты Blender Modding Tools вместе с обновлением 6.00 и расширением X4: Kingdom End, мы рады представить вам еще одно важное обновление инструментов для создания модов в X4: Foundations....

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24.Aug.23 Обновление 6.20 уже доступно
Благодаря вашей постоянной поддержке в течение почти двух месяцев публичного бета-тестирования мы теперь можем предоставить следующее важное обновление X4: Foundations....

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07.Aug.23 Special call to test the current Public Beta
Having recently made some fundamental technical changes to the X4 graphics engine in our public beta branch, we're reaching out to specifically invite you to test the latest public beta version (6.20 Public Beta 6) of X4: Foundations on Steam and GOG....

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26.Jun.23 Старт публичного тестирования бета-версии 6.20
После выхода недавнего обновления 6.10 для X4: Foundations мы готовы продвинуться дальше и представить вам публичную бета-версию 6.20. Это обновление отражает наше постоянное стремление улучшить и совершенствовать ваши впечатления от игры в X4....

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