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X Rebirth
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This is the story of the ultimate dream, mans dream, a dream of escaping from the confines of his own planet. A dream of freedom within his own universe, a dream of reaching the stars.


X-Gold is two games in one, not only does it contain X: Beyond the Frontier, it also contains the expansion pack X-Tension.

ScreenshotsX: Beyond the Frontier tells the story of mankind's rise and fall in the universe, and the attempt by Kyle Brennan to help repopulate the stars using a new ship called the Experimental Shuttle, and how he became trapped in a closed group of sectors linked by a series of jumpgates.
X-Tension is the eagerly awaited expansion pack to X: Beyond the Frontier. The expansion is not limited by a linear plot line but makes use of new ways to expand your empire. You can now take part in missions that are offered to you throughout the game. You are no longer limited to one ship, but can now buy and pilot all fighters and small transports in the game.

Explore the universe, trade in over 90 sectors, with over 50 goods, upgrade your ship with dozens of wares available to you by 5 unique alien races and protect yourself from the hostile Xenon.


01.Jun.23 XLOG: A Vision for 7.00
Join Egosoft Managing Director Bernd Lehahn as he shares our early ideas and plans for the next big update to X4: Foundations. We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your support during the launch of X4: Kingdom End and the major 6.00 Update earlier this year. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the X4 universe!...

27.Apr.23 Update 6.00 HF 2 now available
It has been two weeks since we released the significant 6.00 update and the X4: Kingdom End expansion. We wholeheartedly thank you for your support. The release day of 6.00 and X4: Kingdom End marked the most successful day for X4 since its original release in November 2018. Not only that, during the weekends following the 6.00 release, over 10,000 players have been playing X4 simultaneously. This phenomenal response delights us, and we are thrilled that our dedicated efforts over the past months and years have been well received....

19.Apr.23 다중우주 팀 시즌: 공개 베타 버전 지금 이용 가능
저희의 새로운 다중우주 팀 시즌 공개 베타 버전을 지금 테스트해 보실 수 있습니다. 이전의 탐험 요소에서 한 단계 진화하여, 연합에 가입하고 흥미진진한 비동기식 팀 기반 작업에 착수함으로써 다중우주 함선 및 기타 독점 보상에 접근할 수 있습니다. 새로운 다중우주 팀 시즌을 통해 X4: 파운데이션의 사회적 측면을 확장하고 있습니다. 이제 연합에 가입하고, 팀원들과 교류하고, 가장 중요한 것은 팀으로서 공동의 목표를 추구할 수 있습니다....

12.Apr.23 X4: 킹덤 엔드와 주요 6.00 업데이트 지금 이용 가능
드디어 시간이 되었습니다! 보유하고 계신 X4를 새로 나온 6.00 버전으로 업데이트 하고 X4: 킹덤 엔드를 구매하셔서, X4의 새롭고 매혹적인 새 이야기를 시작하세요. 오랫동안 기다려온 보론과의 재회가 여러분을 위해 준비되어 있습니다. 특별한 선박, 독특한 항성계, 오래된 비밀과 새로 만들 친구가 여러분을 기다리고 있습니다....

29.Mar.23 X4:킹덤 엔드와 X4: 파운데이션 6.00 업데이트가 4월 12일 공개됩니다
새로운 확장판 X4: 킹덤 엔드와 X4: 파운데이션의 대규모 무료 6.00 업데이트가 2023년 4월 12일에 공개됨을 알려드리게 되어 기쁩니다....

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